Islamabad College for Girls
F-6/2, Islamabad.

Proctorial Board:

A proctorial system has been working satisfactorily in the college for many years. This system was introduced in order to maintain discipline in the campus and to promote a sense of responsibility among the students. A Board of proctors comprising two duly elected proctors from each class works under a chief staff proctor. They are responsible for checking behavior, uniform and discipline during college hours, after classes are over and when the students go out either on trips or attend functions in other instructions.

Physical Education/Sports:

Adequate facilities are available in the college for the promotion of physical education. Side by side with extracurricular activities, due emphasis is laid on games, sports and physical health. Facilities are available for Badminton, Volley ball, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Hockey and Lawn Tennis.

A spacious play ground is available for Athletics. Students of the college participate not only in inter house games but also in sport and Athletic competitions held by the Federal Board and the Punjab University. Participation in all the competitions has been outstanding in the past year. Parents are advised to encourage their wards to participate in sports.

Student’s Council:

ICG was the first educational institution to initiate an elected body of students among its student community. Every year elections are held in a democratic atmosphere and students elect office bearers and society secretaries under a president.

This council organizes a Talented Students week in addition to other extra-curricular events. The council provides a good platform for the students to exhibit their talents while forming an important and useful bridge between the students and the administration.

Science Labs:

The college is equipped with modern labs for the sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Geography, Statistics and Applied Psychology.

Students learn from experienced staff how to carry out experiments in controlled conditions that help to enhance their knowledge of the subject.

E-Learning at ICG:


Three computer labs housed in the Information Technology Block are a hub of activity throughout the day for more than a thousand students learning computer skill. I.T lab runs on Solar Power. As a subject computer science is offered to students from class VI to the graduate level.


ICG is one of the institutions in Islamabad that boasts a language Lab. All the classes get a chance to learn to speak and pronounce correctly with proper intonation during lessons in the Lab. The Lab has thirty stations.

The Library:

The college has four spacious libraries for junior school, under graduate and post graduate levels. These recently renovated libraries not only provide a very conducive environment for self study but also encourage students to benefit from extensive knowledge. All these libraries contain a large number of books on all subjects students may get books issued or may consult reference books. They are however expected to follow rules displayed in the libraries.

Audio visual facilities are also available to enables students to watch movies, attend seminars and workshops, with latest technical aids such as multimedia etc. The discovery is another valuable asset of the under graduate library.

Students are required to deposit security money for the use of the library which is refunded after clearance of college dues when the student leaves the college.

ICG Website:

The website of the college, www.icgf6.com gives an overview of the college and is an important means of communication between students, parents and college authorities. It not only displays important academic information but also information about faculty members and college activities, such as results of final exams, schedules of examinations and holidays.

College Management Committee:

The CMC is an important component in the efficient running of the college. Parents can very effectively influence college authorities to improve facilities for the students. A SMC executive body is elected from among the parents. The office bearers hold regular meetings with the principle to discuss any problems parents face.

Day Care Facility:

To provide support to faculty members with infants and who have no one to care for them, the college provides a day care centre where mothers can leave their infants without any worry.

Here child minders look after the children during college hours ensuring worry free working environment for the faculty.


A hostel located on the campus was established in 1975 in order to accommodate students whose parents go abroad on official assignment. The number of students is limited to 120.

Single teachers who do not have any other living arrangements also stay in the hostel. Their mess arrangements separate.

The boarders are provided the facilities of a fully furnished common room with a T.V and all other amenities like fridge, deep freezer, hot running water etc.

The hostel activities and function are separate from and independent of college activities and functions.

Transport Facilities:

The college has 52 seater buses for the transportation of staff and students. The facility also exists for students who have to stay till late for science practicals etc. Bus charges are Rs. 500/- per month and are subject to change on notification by the Federal Directorate of Education.

The Tuck Shop

Two recently renovated tuck shops are located in the college campus. These shops are supervised by the head of the Home Economics Department who ensures the sterling quality of the edibles on sale.