Islamabad College for Girls
F-6/2, Islamabad.

Principal ICGMessage from the Principal, Prof. Rubina Maqbool

ICG aims to instill in its students personal integrity while stimulating intellectual curiosity and developing social responsibility. Academically our students are prepared for admission to seats of higher learning guided by a team of exceptionally qualified and talented teachers. Ethically our students experience an environment that values a code of honor, respect for others & self, and learn an ethos of service.

The role of educational institution is of vital importance to give students a sense of direction for which a conducive academic environment is important. Being the new principal I extend my utmost support to take this already prodigious institution to stupendous heights. It is my profound privilege to welcome you to one of the best educational institutions in Islamabad. My great desire is to facilitate the students in achieving high standards with the help of our qualified and competent faculty.

ICG is a gateway to understanding life, thought, reason and communication of ideas. With a broad range of subjects covering over twenty disciplines, we help the students to build a social academic foundation that will help them in pursuing their education anywhere in the world. The classrooms provide a stimulating environment for teaching, learning and communication of knowledge.

ICG’s reputation for excellence has been a hallmark for this premier educational institution. Under a highly qualified faculty, students are prepared for personal and professional success while contributing to the betterment of the larger community.

Shafqat Mehmood


Minister for MoFEPT

Arshad Mirza


Secretary MoFEPT.

Syed Umair Javed

Syed Umair Javed,


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